Thank you for your support, for the last five and half years! We are so happy that on July 19, 2018 LucasFilm has announced that Clone Wars will be back from another season! #CloneWarsSaved! Also, thank you to the Clone Wars fans, for constantly reminding LucasFilm that we wanted them to #SaveTheCloneWars!

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Contact Disney & LucasFilm

We have had information listed here since 2013, so you could send your courteous letters, emails, tweets and comments to Disney and LucasFilm in support of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars. 

Send Your Thank You Letters:
Since the new season of The Clone Wars was announced on July 19, 2018, please consider sending your thanks, to Disney and Lucasfilm! #CloneWarsSaved

Send your letters to Bob Iger at Disney and Kathleen Kennedy at LucasFilm thanking them, for listening to the fans!

Walt Disney Studios
500 S Buena Vista St
Burbank, CA 91521
Attn: Bob Iger

P.O. Box 29901
San Francisco, CA 94129-0901
Attn: Kathleen Kennedy

Tell them Thank You on Social Media:
Tweet to @Disney@StarWars@TheCloneWars and use the hashtag #SaveTheCloneWars!
Make Facebook comments on Disney, Star WarsStar Wars: The Clone Wars, and Lucasfilm.

Tell them Thank You via E-Mail:The Walt Disney Company Contact Corporate Communications features a contact form where you submit comments to Disney.  E-mail Bob Iger at robert.a.iger@disney.com, and e-mail LucasFilm at publicity@lucasfilm.com.

Call Them and Say Thanks:
Call Disney's main switchboard at (818) 560-1000, and call LucasFilm at (415) 623-1000, ask for the PR department.

Thanks for your support.  #SaveTheCloneWars!
e-mail:  info@SaveTheCloneWars.com
Twitter:  @SaveCloneWars
Facebook:  Save The Clone Wars

Previously available ways to reach out:
Star Wars: The Clone Wars at smgo.tv. - Voting for Star Wars: The Clone Wars was removed from SMGO.tv.

The original and most widely publicized petition was the Save The Clone Wars from Cancellation which expired at http://www.causes.com, some time ago.

Netflix's mailing address.


  1. Good Stories help people to make good decisions...to make themselves into Better People...Keep this show going...it has had some excellent stories and several unresolved-

  2. I just don't understand why Disney seemingly dropped this series and dismissed its cast and crew like a hot potato. Especially the latter part. I hear rumors of another SW cartoon series in the works, but if The Clone Wars' creative staff are not involved, will it have the complexity, the mood, the visuals, the character depth, etc., of TCW? If it does not, it may not appeal to those of us who became accustomed to the visual artistry of TCW.

  3. do not take the joy of many people not destroyed star wars the clone wars

  4. I'll make a video for this one if you like save the series star wars the clone wars

  5. There is so much NOT EXPLAINED. Don't end it here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WHY DISNEY WHY?????????????????????????

  6. I signed the petition and when I'm back from easter trip, I'll make as many phonecalls as I can. Ironicaly, the petitions reminds me the petition of 2000 http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Petition_of_2000 that, when the Republic transformed into Empire, leaded to the Ghorman Massacre http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Ghorman_Massacre , revealing the true nature of the New Chain of Command... "Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental."

  7. dear Dave filoni. if you get this letter please read it. its my beggment to listen to fans all of theses people want more episodes they want more action why does clone wars have to be cancelled because Disney runs over lucasfilm. many people are sending letters in there reguardments. saying we want the clone wars to be saved. and we want this show to continue. many fans want clone wars to continue with new seasons and I would to I would be happy and say if you and the team were renewed for more seasons. people are begging for the show to continue. just like me.


  8. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring The Clone Wars back, there is so many plot holes!

  9. If they cancel The Clone Wars they won't only disappoint me as a big Clone Wars fan but they will break the hearts of many Star Wars fans and to me cancelling the Clone Wars and I speak up for the fans out there too is going to be a grave error if it is done because many a question in the sagas will be left unanswered and people want their answers.

  10. Yes, I am on board with this! I'm going to send my e-mails and letters to them, especially for the Echo story ARC that has been revealed... Echo was one of my favorites!

    May the Force be with us, and the Clone Wars!

    1. Same here I want season 7 and 8. If you still want season 7 and 8 like me. I will tell you a little bit about Walt Disney. He started his company for animation. Before he made Mickey. He had a rabbit called Oswald the lucky rabbit. But universal had the rights to it. And they said Walt did not have any. So he made Micky. Then in 1933 he made the first cartoon in color. So then he started making cartoons in color. But he kept Mickey in black in white for a few years.
      He also wanted to make Peter Pan in the 1940's but the war held his plan till years later. He wanted to make the little mermaid. But it was made 23 years after he died.

    2. He also made Davy Crocket and made three more episodes after he killed Davy at the Allmo. Remind Disney all that I am in my letters.

  11. I think they should do a live action TV series in the form of game of thrones(without the nudity though).. there are so many stories and characters tht have not yet been explored or told on the big screen or small screen.. the world of star wars is as beautiful as James Camerons Avatar, and as adventures as The Pirates of the Caribbean.. and with the right screen writer, producers, and director's it could have the same depth as Christopher Nolans the Dark Knight.. this could be EPIC!!

  12. If they're only interested in making money, The Clone Wars could've brought in loads seeing as it was so popular! And they're saying, we're releasing some of the unfinished stories in book and story reel form but we want proper fully animated episodes please!!! I'm excited for Star Wars 7 but in some way, I wish Disney hadn't bought LucasFilm because then we would have had all of The Clone Wars episodes released.

  13. Please Lucas film can you guys make the Darth Bane
    Movie I read the books and was blown away, hes the ultimate sith lord

  14. I would like to make a prediction... I might be wrong, but I would do this if I were Disney and JJ Abrams... Harrison Ford is coming back to Episode 8, and Finn... Who is Finn? I think... Lando's Son. We need a back story on their friendship, and how Han took the millennium Falcon from Lando, and how they became friends, and why Bobba Fett wanted revenge in the empire strikes back... A lot of loop holes George Lucas has left. They need to be addressed and fixed. It would make a good story... Perhaps Lando's son and Han and Leia's Son knew each other as well... Link the stories JJ Disney Abrams, like we know you can.

  15. also we need Anthony Ingruber as young Han Solo

  16. #saveclonewars is a good thing for Star Wars fans all over the world

  17. Save The Clone Wars!! Greatest animated Star Wars trilogy!!!!

  18. I have an idea!!! Let's make Lucasfilms in both companies and support it too much. And let's make a new parent organization for Lucasfilms, it's called: Warner Bros studios!!! Sure Warner bros has Cartoon Network!!! So Disney and CN fans will be happy!!! ( i hate Disney ( no offense but... Never mind)) and for the second reason is I'm trying to be nice to the world. And for the third reason I want to save clone wars and revive Lucasarts!!!

  19. Hi. I have a good idea how to bring the clone wars back. Everyone of us needs to send an email to the creators of the Clone wars series. We should tell them that there are more then ten thousand of us who wants this series back, because itwas amaizing, and another reason is, that they did not tell us a lot of things. The last episode ended in the middle of nowhere. (I think it is a personal opinion, but I think the last three seasons were the best. They started to create a background to the whole story, and now they ended, but they just started the explination. Bravo Disney.) So if we all send an email to them they would probablyy realize that we REALLY want the series back, and then there would be a chance that they would bring it back.

    Please everyone, send an email to them. If you want to see clone wars again.

    Thank you for reading.

  20. The Clone Wars is my childhood. And they ended it. Sure, I have ideas myself, but it's time for someone to continue the Clone Wars. And how do I contact Kathleen Kennedy?

  21. I want the clone wars back as well, but alas I think that the reality of it coming back is, that it will never happen. They gave up on it and will not revisite it. It had a lot of potential in upcoming season of it. From anni going dark to everything in between episodes 3-4. Like Vader hunting remaining Jedi to an in-depth view at the inquisitors recruitment process and training, (mara jade) could be introduced to canon, could end with the empire replacing the clone troopers, thus the end of the clone wars. Just off the top of my head this could potentially be season 7-10 or 11. Little bits of young Luke and leia, Luke struggling to hide his force powers as he grows. Idk just brainstorming.

  22. I'm currently sending two long overdue thank you letters to Disney and Lucasfilm, now, regarding the return of The Clone Wars.


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