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Friday, March 15, 2013

Disney Has Changed Their Minds Before

Let's Save The Clone Wars!  There is a long list of animated and live action shows that have been saved by fans sending letters and sometimes other things into the networks.  There is a list of successful and unsuccessful campaigns over at tvtropes.org.

In the list, there are two examples of Disney changing their minds.  Once about cancellation of an animated show and once about what extras to include on an anime DVD.

Kim Possible, a Disney channel animated series about a teenage crime fighter voiced by Christy Carlson Romano, was saved by the fans for a fourth and final season.
"Kim Possible fans organized a letter-writing campaign to save the show, and it was brought back for a fourth and final season."  Source: tvtropes.org
SaveKimPossible.com tells the story of how they reached out to Disney via online email petitions and hand written letters, which eventually lead to the renewal for another season of the show.

Another success story was for the fans of Princess Mononoke.
"When Disney/Buena Vista put out their release plans for the home video and DVD release of Princess Mononoke fans were upset that the DVD would not include a subtitled Japanese track. A letter writing campaign and petition mobilized by the Naussica.net mailing list sucessfuly convinced them otherwise; apparently they had no idea there was a demand for it."  Source:  tvtropes.org
Both of these campaigns were in the days before social media.  Let's keep writing letters, sending e-mails (Bob Iger, President and CEO of the Walt Disney Company, robert.a.iger@disney.com), tweeting @Disney, and using the hash tag #SaveTheCloneWars!  Let's Save The Clone Wars!

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  1. Lets save the Clone Wars! I'm willing to write Iger a second, third, fourth time... AS MANY times as it takes!

  2. I hope more fans are as passionate about the series.

  3. I'd like to point out that "TV Tropes" is NOT at tvtropes.com.
    For future reference, you can find it at tvtropes.org.

  4. Thanks for pointing out the error. It has been corrected.


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